Products peeled in Combi-5

By changing the speed of the peeling rolls and the auger, a various amount of products can be peeled with the Combi-peelers.

Due to the size of some products, peeling with the Combi-5 is not possible. The Combi-5 is not recommended for use with large raw materials, max. raw material diameter 10-12 cm.

By selecting a proper combination of peeling elements, most root materials can be peeled with the Combi-peelers.







COMBI-peelers can be successfully used for a vide range of raw material :

Max. diameter 10 cm

Potatoes >>

max. length 12 cm

Carrots >>

Max.diameter 10 cm

Beetroots >>

Max. length 12 cm

Parsnips >>

Sweet Potatoes
Max. diameter 10 cm

Sweet Potatoes >>

Swede turnipMax.diameter 10 cm

Swede turnip >>

White radish
Max. length 12 cm

White radish >>

Max. diameter 10 cm

Celeriac >>



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