Formit PRO XL
The FORMIT ProXL profiler is designed from stainless steel and aluminium (anodized). The structure is robust and the profiler is normally installed into a production line.

The feeding of the raw material into the profiler is the most important issue when designing a successful production line. In front of the profiler, we recommend a good conveyor belt (with a speed control) and the internal feeding in the machine is performed with a vibratory feeder (included as standard).

The ProXL profiler can also be equipped with an external push feeder that can replace the vibratory feeder and the conveyor.

The ProXL requires frequency converters to control the speed of the lifting and peeling rolls, as well as for the control of the vibratory feeder. The possibility to control all speeds separately, gives the advantage of using the profiler for various products and sizes.

For removal of the secondary product, we recommend a pump installed under the machine. When producing balls from a pre-peeled product of a good size, the quantity of the secondary product quantity may be almost the same as the primary product produced.



980 mm
1500 mm
1085 mm
420 kg
250 - 500 kg/h
Supply voltage
3-phase 50/60 Hz
Connecting Load
2 kW
Water connection
1/4" or 3/8" (optional)
Noise level  
Consignment size
1220x1550x1050 mm
Transport weight
450 kg

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NOTE: Due to continual improvements, the accuracy of description and illustration cannot be completely guaranteed.

Formit Pro XL

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