De-Stoners, vertical conveyors

FORMIT manufactures two stone-remover models. The de-stoner also works as a vertical conveyor at the same time that it removes stones or other products that are heavier than root vegetables.

The diameter of the vertical conveyor places restrictions on the size of products used. The larger model has a diameter of 40 cm (tube) and can move products which are smaller than 18-20 cm. The input capacity is approx 3000 kg/h
The smaller version has a tube diameter of 25 cm and can handle products 10-12 cm in diameter.

The de-stoners require water for the operation. The lifting auger has a "water-greased" bottom bearing and requires a continuous (very low) flow of water.

The height of the de-stoners is suitable for feeding the COMBI-5, COMBI-1000 or the COMBI-1000 weighing feeder.

The FORMIT raw material bulk/hopper and feeder can be easily combined with the de-stoners.

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