Feeding the Combi-5

For a successful production, it is important for the peeler to have a good feeding system.

Good feeding (adjustable and even) guarantees that the peeling results will always be the same. Once the feeding system, the auger and the rolls have been adjusted and "synchronized", the peeling results will always be the same.

The best feeding for a Combi-5 is a hopper, conveyor feeding and de-stoner. The de-stoner feeds directly into the Combi-5. The conveyor speed is adjustable. The feeding speed is adjusted with the conveyor, not with the de-stoner.

When using a de-stoner in front of the Combi-5, the raw material will be wet enough for peeling, without the need for additional water in the peeling address.

The use of a conveyor in front of the Combi-5 is another method of feeding.







Feeding equipment for  the Combi-5 peeler:





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