Formit Combi-5

 Formit combi 5 vegetable peeler.

The COMBI-5 peeler is designed for a continuous production up to 500 kg/hour (potatoes, graded).

The unique and patented FORMIT Combi-peeler is a machine with a knife cutting surface, resulting in a finished product.

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The production with the COMBI-5 peeler can be performed without any additional water. Water is only to be used for cleaning purposes.

The Combi-peeler peels both small and large sized products, resulting in round and oval forms. There is however a limitation to the size of the raw material used, due to the number of the peeling equipment and the auger diameter of the Combi 5.

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By selecting the proper types of peeling element, the Combi-peeler can be configured for various types of peeling.

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The waste handling for the Combi-5 peeler can be solved in different ways

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The feeding of a peeler is the most important issue  concerning successful peeling. A good feeding provides a good (even) quality and a good yield.

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Formit combi 5 Potato peeler suited for medium size production.


Size with standard frame

Overall length 2500mm (94,4")
Overall width 1250mm (49,2")
Overall height 2000mm (78,2")
Frame length 1420m (55,9")
In-feed chute width 165mm (6,5")
In-feed height 1750mm (68,9")
Discharge height 1060mm (41,7")
Overall weight 500 kg (1100 lbs)


Supply voltage

220-415 V 3-phases 50-60hz



Rollers 2 x 1.5 kW (2 x 2HP)
Auger 1 x 0.12 kW (1 x 0.2HP)



Number of rollers 5  
Roller diameter 88 mm (3,5 ")
Roller length 1512 mm (59,5")



Diameter 616 mm (24,3")
Pitch 300 mm (11,8")



300-500kg/h depending on raw material type and quality.


Machine models:

Combi-5-SK steel abrasive + knife
Combi-5-CK carborundum abrasive + knife
Combi-5-KK knife + knife
Combi-5-SS steel abrasive + steel abrasive
Combi-5-CC carborundum abrasive + carborundum abrasive
Combi-5-BB brush roll

NOTE: Due to continual improvements, the accuracy of the description and illustration cannot be completely guaranteed.

Formit Combi-5

Formit Combi-5

Advantages of the  Combi-5-CK peelers are:

1.    From raw material to a Knife peeled product in one machine.

2.    A natural shaped end product and thereby superior yield compared to other knife peeled products. (No flat peeling).

3.    A large variety of products can be peeled in the peeler without mechanical adjustments to the peeler.

4.    Can be equipped with plc panel programmed for different raw materials (easy to use Right pre-settings gives good end product and little waist at startup).

5.    Gentle and adjustable tumbling of raw material especially important with sensible products.

6.    Can be operated with or without water.

7.    Semi dry waist pulp that can be pumped.

8.    Good access for cleaning and maintenance.

9.    Long shelf life on rollers both carborundum and knife.(longer shelve life than a conventional carborundum peeler due to high roller speeds)

(Recommended carborundum regretting interval on potatoes 0,5M kilos and recommended re-sharpening on first knife elements 1,5M kilos on potatoes).

10. Low maintenance costs due to long service intervals.

11. Trade in of your secondhand rollers.

12. Continuous self cleaning of the roller due to hi rotation speed.

13. Low energy consumption. (only one peeler with comparably small motors)


A sample compact production line with a Combi-5 peeler (please click on the line for a bigger picture):


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