Formit Cut 150/200
The manual FORMIT CUT chateau barrel cutter can produce a perfect chateau barrel with two different curves and an adjustable diameter. The ends of the raw material have to be manually placed and cut in the end cutter on the rear side of the machine. After cutting the ends, the barrel sides should be cut, one by one and by rotating the raw material and cutting with the handle.

The FORMIT CUT-M produces the same sizes as the automatic CUT-200 and CUT-150 versions.

Special lengths can be ordered, the curves are always standard.


Sizes with standard frame

Overall length 400 mm (-")
Overall width 200 mm (-")
Overall height 330 mm (-")
Overall weight 7 kg ( -lbs)



Depending on the operator.



Transportation box: 400 x 300 x 400 mmm
Transportation weight: 7 kg

NOTE: Due to continual improvements, the accuracy of the description and illustration cannot be completely guaranteed.

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Formit Cut 150/200

Chateu barrel measurements:
    A B C
CUT-M min.adj. 55 mm 26 mm 17 mm
max.adj. 55 mm 44 mm 36 mm
CUT-M min.adj. 55 mm 32 mm 16 mm
max.adj 55 mm 45 mm 30 mm


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