Raw material feeders

The feeding of raw material for a production line can be arranged in various ways. FORMIT offers two of their own  types of feeders and also feeding systems supplied by third party suppliers.

The FORMIT raw material bunker and conveyor are made of stainless steel. The bunker capacity is approximately 1500 kg per batch and the feeding capacity is approx 5000 kg per hour.
The raw material bunker/feeder has 2 conveyors, one horizontal at the base of the bunker and a vertical lifting conveyor. The conveyors are driven by separate motors.
The other FORMIT option for feeding raw material is the feeding auger. This feeding system has been developed for larger and heavier products such as celery root and Swedes; however it can also be used for other products such as carrots and potatoes.

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Raw material bunker and conveyor feeding a de-stoner   Feeding auger for big/heavy raw materials.


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