Cooling augers

IIn so far as the production of the peeled products is made for the "fresh market" and a maximum shelf life of the product is important, the cooling auger is an important part of the production line.

When peeling root vegetables, it is important that the surface temperature of the product is not too low. A low surface temperature makes the products more sensitive to damages. However, a low temperature of the final product is important for a long shelf life. A low temperature of the ready product, when packing, is important whether chemicals are used or not.

The cooling auger keeps the ready peeled products in low temperature water for a period of a max. 35 minutes (1 ton/hour). The cold water circulates in the auger.
The cooling auger requires an external cooling unit to maintain the water temperature at  a proper level (approx +1-2 ˚C).

The cooling auger is made of stainless steel.

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Cooling auger for whole peeled products  


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