Potato peeling with the combi-peeler

The FORMIT COMBI-peelers can be successfully used for peeling potatoes. Cleaned potatoes are the ideal raw material.

The COMBI-peelers can be set-up in several different ways. Like a conventional abrasive peeler, as a full knife peeler or a combination of both an abrasive and a knife. The abrasive part can be made of carborundum or stainless steel. The COMBI-peeler can also be set-up with brush elements.

In so far as the COMBI-peeler is configured with knifes, the final product produces a good knife like cut. This type of final result improves the shelf-life and decreases the need for chemicals.

The COMBI-peelers work with both round and oval products (a good yield and quality).

For the best results (yield and quality), use size graded raw material (10-15 mm span), which are washed!

The feeding of the peeler is an important issue. An even flow of raw material results in an even quality and yield.

Peeling of potatoes can successfully be done with:

- FORMIT COMBI-1000 >>
- FORMIT COMBI-3000 >>

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