Formit Combi 1000
From raw material to a knife-peeled surface finish in one machine

The unique and patented FORMIT Combipeeler peels a clean raw material to a finished product with a knife cut surface in one machine. The combination of an abrasive peeling element and a knife peeling element on one roll gives advantages that cannot be found in any other peeling machine. The abrasive part of the element removes/ opens the outer skin of the raw material. This part of the process grants the knife elements a long lifetime. As the hard skin of the raw material is partially removed, the knife peeling is easier. The Combi-3000 is a rotating cage peeler (also called revolver peeler). Twenty peeling rollers form an elongated drum. A full length auger regulates the retention time of the products in the peeler. The rollers, the drum and the auger all rotate separately and their rotation speed are separately adjusted with frequency converters. The rollers and the drum are driven by flat belts insuring a low noise level.

Both big and small products, hard and soft

The Combi-Peeler design allows the peeling of a wide range of products in the same peeler. The unique design with abrasive elements combined with knife element and adjustable speed on the rolls makes it possible to peel small potatoes and celeriac with the same machine. Also, very hard products as swede turnip or long products like carrots can be peeled.


Size with standard frame

Overall length 4185mm
Overall width 1850mm
Overall height 2415mm
In-feed chute width 740mm
In-feed height 1500mm
Discharge height 475mm
Overall weight 4725 kg


Supply voltage

220-400 v 3 phases 50-60hz



Rollers 2 x 7.5 kW
Auger 1 x 0.75 kW
Cage 1 x 4.00 kW



Number of rollers 20
Roller diameter 168 mm
Roller length 2000 mm
Pitch 600-500 mm
Water connection 1 x 1" BSP



2500-9000 kg/h depending on raw material type, quality and end product

NOTE: Due to continual improvements, the accuracy of the description and illustration cannot be completely guaranteed.

Formit Combi 3000


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