Peeling element alternatives for Combi-peelers

Depending on the type of peeling needed the Combi-peeler can be deleivered with different types of peeling elements.

1) Carborundum abrasive combined with stainless steel  knife . This is the  classic combi  peeling element.  This element is good for peeling unprepared raw material to ready knife peeled product. The abrasive part can be renewed, it is important that the abrasive part is in good condition, just to protect the knives.

2) Stainless steel abrasive combined wit stainless steel knives.This element is good when the raw material is a (pre-peeled) sligthly peeled product. The adavantage is that no carborundum sand remains in the waste or in the final product.

3) Stainless steel knives on both element parts. The numbers of knives can be different on the first part of the element and on the second part of the element. For example 70 cutting edges first part (rougher cut) and 100 cutting edges on the second part (fine cut)

4) Stainless steel abrasive peeling element. Can be done with several abrasive grids, rougher to finer. This peeling element is good for a pre-peeled product.

5) Carborundum abrasive, the conventional peeling element in a roller peeler. The grid on first and second section of the peeling element can be different. This peeling element type is good for pre-peeling.

6) Brush element type, only used for brushing applications.








Peeling element types for the Combi-peelers:




Carborundum abrasive and knife (1)


Stainless steel abrasive and knife (2)


Stainless steel knife and knife(3)

Stailess steel abrasive    (4)


abrasive    (5)


Full brush roll    (6)



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