Waste handling for Combi-1000

Full production with a Combi-1000 peeler may produce more that 1000 kg of waste.
The waste produced reminds about mushed potato in case no additional water is used in the peeling process.

The optimal way of removing the waste from the Combi-1000 is by using a pump. By fitting the pump on a Combi-1000 with a waste chute the installation will be clean and easy to wash.

Another way of waste removal is for example to transport the waste in floor channels. In case floor channels are used additional water is needed for the transport of the waste.





  Examples of effective waste handling:


Combi-1000 with mounted Wangen waste pump.


Wangen pump separated from the peeler.
The wangen pump can move the waste 100 meters and lift it 10 meters.



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